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Technical Textiles & Composites

Material Converting

Die Cutting, Sewing, Slitting & Compression Molding

DELA Incorporated offers cost effective, material converting services for your roll goods. We can provide die cutting, sewing, slitting and compression molding for your laminated and coated materials. Any material we laminate and / or coat can go through any of our secondary operations, according to your specifications and end use requirements.

We frequently cut, slit, sew, and thermoform roll goods for medical braces and positioners, shoe components, protective foam packaging, military footwear, padding for fall harnesses and more. Our Massachusetts facility is ISO9001:2015 certified and can meet Berry Amendment specifications for Made in USA and military products.

Die Cutting & Sewing

Our die cutting offers clean edges for materials for that are a wide variety of widths. We can cut numerous complex shapes and cutouts. Additionally, we can fabricate and sew any number of assemblies from and onto your laminated goods including hook and loop, strapping and plastic components.


We offer precision slitting for our laminated roll goods and can slit a number of flexible materials including nonwovens, natural & synthetic textiles, plastics, technical composites and more. We can slit widths from 72” to 1/2” with tolerances as tight as to 0.062”.

Compression Molding

We have the ability to compression mold many foam types and laminates to your CAD drawings, read more about it. We can help you develop multi-density laminates to serve many end uses such as footwear, fall protection harness padding and many different type of medical devices. The options are limitless.

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